This was a four months’ project (May – September 2020) funded by UNICEF in which WASH Alliance Kenya supported COVID-19 response in 4 selected informal settlements namely; Kibera, Mukuru, Githogoro and Mathare/Korogocho.


  • County Government engagement and support of coordination meetings through facilitation during meetings and funding of service delivery (loading and off-loading of supplies).
  • Improvement of access to safe water through provision of new water connections including installation of 5 000-liter and 10,000-liter water tanks.
  • Installation of 200 hand washing stations in public places.
  • Distribution of 10,000 hand washing vessels (20-liter) and soap to vulnerable households (elderly, persons living with disability, orphaned and vulnerable children and chronically ill persons).
  • Support to Frontline Staff (health workers, volunteers and project staff) by issuing them with PPEs to ensure their safety during the delivery of services.


  • MOH at National level and the County Government of Nairobi
  • Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company
  • WAK Partners i.e. KWAHO and Umande Trust
  • Community, administration and special groups


  • New water connections and storage; 41 water tanks were installed with the capacity of 5 and 10 cubic meters and connected to Nairobi water and sewerage company.
  • Hand washing stations and soap; 200 hand washing stations (100 liters) were installed in public places and supplied with soap for 3 months.
  • Household hand washing vessels and soap; 10,000 hand washing vessels and soap were distributed to vulnerable households in Mukuru, Mathare/Korogocho, Kibera and Githogoro.